Zhangmu Tibet-Nepal Border

Zhangmu  Tibet-Nepal Border
Zhangmu Tibet-Nepal Border

Zhangmu is known by its Tibetan name Khasa. This town lies in the southern region of Himalayas about 776 km. away from the capital of Tibet Lhasa. Bordering Nepal to the south, it has been one of the key routes of trans-Himalayan trade between China and Nepal since time immemorial. The work of Sino-Nepal Road, has made this town a most welcome sight both for tourists and traders alike. It is popular among the tourists and adventurers due to its location near the Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world. Travelers come mainly for climbing up the skyward mountain, admiring the delightful sights, or pilgrimage at its holiness. Since it is closest to Nepal as well, Zhangmu has become an important place for trading between Nepal and Tibet. This beckons huge number of business travelers as well. As a trading port, Zhangmu Town is also much modernized with many grand buildings. One can find customhouse, business bureau, factories, shops, banks, post offices, schools, hotels, restaurants and resident buildings in this town that are orderly arranged beside the street.

Zhangmu town is the other face of Tibetan beauty, completely different from what you have seen till now. Covered with green carpet of trees and grasslands, full of captivating flowers, Zhangmu offers something special to its guest. There is no competitor to this town when compared for scenic beauty. That gives it an edge over rest of the cities of Tibet. Zhangmu is pleasantly warm and overwhelmingly colorful, and the best part is that this exclusive beauty remains in the lap of this town for the entire period of twelve month. The hills around Zhangmu are heavily wooded with innumerable waterfalls in the summer and frozen ‘icicles’ during the winter. Situated at the altitude of about 2300 m, Zhangmu is mild and humid place and provide extravagant hope in the common dry and cold Tibetan area. Zhangmu is wonderful destination of Tibet with marvelous mountains, flexural rivers, lush pines and flourishing flowers almost all the year round. God must have been in his most generous mood bestowing it with the treasures of nature. Meandering rivers, valleys saturated with brightest flowers, mighty mountains with snow covered peaks, and milky waterfalls make this town a must visit for any traveler.

Besides its calm and solitary nature you will also find that the Zhangmu town has very colorful bazaar that remains busy and crowded with tourists and businessmen. Zhangmu is the only place in Tibet where you can shop for Tibetan material as well as items from Nepal as Zhangmu borders Nepal. Here, you will see the women shopping for household items. Walking here is also a unique experienc

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