Limi Valley Trekking

Limi Valley Trekking-18 Days

Limi Valley Trekking-18 Days

Limi Valley Trekking is the last remaining area of true wilderness in Nepal. Limi Valley is an isolated valley extending from the border of the Himalayan pass Hilsa and Chang La between Nepal and Tibet and is tucked deep in the wilderness of Humla. It happens to be one of the few places on earth where true adventure to the unknown lies ahead. The only means of transportation are mules, donkeys and horses.

Limi Valley Treks start from Nepalgunj to Simikot by air and it is from Simikot, the administrative headquarters of Humla, that the trek commences. Trekkers get to walk the ancient salt trading and religious trails all the way up to the border of China and Nepal as they get to get a glimpse of Mt Kailash, Mt Saipal, Mt Mendun and Ghur-La Manadala. Along the way, there are natural waterfalls,hot springs and dense forests. Marmot, wolf, wild yak, blue sheep, wild ass, hare, Himalayan black beer are some of the animal that dwell in this region. Occasionally, highly endangered mammals like the blue sheep and snow leopard can be spotted in this exotic region. Once you reach the Limi valley, you will pass through barley and buckwheat fields, different villages. Since Limi Valley borders Tibet, the locals are of Tibetan descendants with their unique norms, culture and traditions and even their own dialect.

Their sources of income are animal husbandry and occasionally, trading of goods. You can notice that the culture has been well preserved here. From the top of Gyuckarka which lies at an altitude of 5000 meters, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Nepalese Himalayas including Saipal, Kanjirawa, Kanti, Gorakh, Rishi Himalayan range. We at Global Adventure Trekking take it as our prime responsibility to ensure our clients get the most out of their trip and hence, take into account the most minute of details.

Crossing the Nara La
Crossing the Nara La

Limi Valley has only been opened to tourists recently. Even today, to protect the eco-system, the Nepal government issues limited permits and special fees. In spite of the difficulty in getting a permit, every bit is worth it as Limi Valley is like no other place on the entire planet as it proves to be the most thrilling adventure for daredevils. Global Adventure Trekking arranges the trekking permit which is sought by sending a series of applications and guarantee letters to the concerned government agency. In the restricted areas, you need to be in a group of two to travel. This is a requirement set by the government. We ensure that all our customers are aware of the rules and regulations before venturing on any trip.


Detail day by day Itinerary

Day 01 Fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj
Today we fly to Nepalgunj. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 02 Nepalgunj to Simikot by air.
Mostly the flight leaves in the morning and just takes about 45 minutes. As soon as you landed in Simikot GAT staffs will meet you and take you to the camp. You will just explore this day as we are above the 2960m. We need time to check in Army police. This is a preparation day for your trek to Limi valley.

Day 03 Simikot to Dharapuri (3610m)-About 6 hrs walking
As soon as you left camp your trek goes up hill through the wheat and barley field to Yakba. This top affords the great views of Humla Karnali valley. Steeply down to Masigaon for lunch and again down to Yakba Khola and cross the metal suspension bridge to Dharapuri.

Day 04 Dharapuri to Kermi (2690m) -About 5 hrs walking
After you left the camp sites the path goes gradually up & down hill through the forest. Passing Yak shepherds, water falls and many western part of mountain ranges. In Kermi there is Natural hot spring which is perfect place for for washing and taking bathe. Overnight at Camp.

Day 05 Kermi to Chumsa Khola (3330m) – About 5hrs walking
Your trek goes through the ridge all up hill. Mani walls, prayers flags, pine forest and the valley makes you trek more pleasant. Overnight at Camp.

Day 06Chusa Khola to Dharmasala (3930m) – About 4 hrs walking
Today is short day hiked to Nyalu Base camp. You are walking about 600m up hill gradually. If every things went well you will trek up to 4000m for the best view point tented camp.

Day 07 Dharmsala to Talung Camp (4600m) – About 7 ½ hrs walking
Walking through the grass land up hill till moraine and walk into the snow cover valley. Mostly our staffs will try to follow the local traders who are passing through Mt. Kailash, if there is too much snow. This valley is famous for snow leopard and blue ship. Overnight at Camp.

Day 08 Talung camp to Jang (4150m)- About 7 hrs walking
The finest view U shaped Talung valley goes to the glacier cut steep path by the ancients traders. After the Tshom Tso pass trails goes through the river bank into Takche Valley. All mountain ranges and Tibetan village can observe and down to Gumma Yok. This is the biggest village, near by here is hot spring and set the camp for overnight.

Day 10 Jang to Halji (3670m)-About 4 hrs walking
You are going to start earlier than previous day due to the Rinzin Ling Gompa which is the most important Gompa in this area. Until Halji Danda you are going little up and down to barley fields. The giant Chorten and unbelievable long prayer flags marked the border of southwestern entrance. Overnight at Tented camp.

Day 11 Halji to Til (3755m) – About 6 hrs walking
Now you are in last village of limi valley. Try to explore and take the advantage of visiting valley and village. Along the way you are passing cultivate land and chorten. Overnight at tented camp.

Day 12 Til to Manepene (3970m)- About 8hrs walking
Today the distance looks short but on the reality convoluted path weaves its way through ravines and up and down trails. The path is very difficult and more ups and downs. You are almost walking through the trans Himalaya dread path so always careful with yak and sheep who is carrying loads for trade. Overnight at the camp.

Day 13 Manepene to Hilsa (3720m) About 4 hrs walking
Some time you are trekking through the narrow path and see the Karnali river in the lavel. The path is windy so prepare you jacket for your hiked. Hilsa is the nearest port of Tibet and local collect fire wood and yak dong for heating take to Tibet and exchange with necessary goods. If you want to end your trek here is also possible because there is an air port. Only charter Heli flight can be operates. Overnight at tent.

Day 14 Hilsa to Palbang (3320m) – About 8hrs walking
After you left camp steeply up hill to Ranipauwa. This is the best place to catch the best view of Tibetan village and breath. You are going over a pass Nara La 4580m and long hours descend to Sipsip4330m and follow the windy path to Palbang. Over night at Camp.

Day 15 Palbang to Muchu (2845m) -About 4 hrs walking
Today mostly your are descending to Humla Karnali River. Many pilgrimage meet you here to go Kailash. Muchu is busy village for local, police post, Governmental hospitals.
Overnight at camp.

Day 16 Muchu to Chumsa Khola (2900m) -About 6 hrs walking
Today we are taking the lower path to Yangar village. Fine local village where is the local boarding school is. We can make a sight trip to Namka Khyung Dzong Gompa is about 65 yrs old monastery. Overnight at Camp.

Day 17 Chumsa Khola to Dharaputi (2400m) -About 6 hrs walking
Today we are going down hill to meet the beginning path of your trek. We are coming back to the same point over high pass and long trails. Overnight at Tent.

Day 18 Dharapuri to Simikot About 6 hrs walking
We are trekking up hill about 700m to top and down to Simikot.
Overnight at tented camp.

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