Day trip to Ayutthaya Thailand

Day trip to Ayutthaya Thailand

Day trip to Ayutthaya Thailand

Day trip to Ayutthaya Thailand
Day trip to Ayutthaya Thailand

Just 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Bangkok is the old capitol of Ayutthaya (or Ayuthaya, or even Ayodhaya. No matter how you spell it, its pronounced ah-you-tah-ya.) The city became Thailand’s capitol in the mid-14th century and remained the capitol until the late 18th century. About the time that Americans were tossing tea into Boston harbor, the Burmese attacked and sacked Ayutthaya.

Buddha statues and stupas at Ayutthaya-Thailand
Buddha statues and stupas at Ayutthaya-Thailand

The Ayutthaya period is looked on by many as the time when much of what is now thought of as “Thai style” was developed. In temples, this is when you see a marked transition from the Khmer style prangs to the bell shaped chedi. While Sukothai further north is seen as the birth of the Thai kingdom, Ayutthaya is seen today as its high point. Around Ayutthaya are signs of the Japanese, French, Dutch and Portuguese traders that came to the Thai court. Read more about the history of Ayutthaya for more information.


Ayutthaya is usually visited as part of a packaged day trip from Bangkok, which usually includes stops at the Bang Pa In palace as well as the Bang Sai royal arts center. You can spend a leisurely day here and see the main sights, or a quick stop, all with relatively low pressure compared to many other tourist sites. From Ayutthaya you can quickly get on an expressway and be back in Bangkok in about an hour. It’s relatively easy to do a day trip on your own, so you can go at your own pace and probably spend a lot less money.

Tour Itinerary

06:30 – Pick up you and other tour participants at different hotels in Bangkok city center.

07:30 – Drive north to Ayutthaya

08:30 – Visit Wat Phu Khao Thong, originally built in 1,387 by the second king of Ayothaya kingdom, is an impressive monument in North-western part of Ayutthaya. When the Burmese took over Ayutthaya in 1569, the Burmese king built a Mon-style chedi (or pyramid) on top of the former temple to celebrate his victory over Ayutthaya and the Siamese.

09:30 – Continue to the Ayutthaya Historical Park and visit to the ancient palace ground. Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, once a royal temple lying besides the Grand Palace, was once the most significant temple during Ayutthaya period. Adjacent to Wat Phra Sri Sanphet is Viharn Phra Mongkolbopit, an impressive building that houses a large seated bronze Buddha image. Its rebuilt pristine hall was believed to be a replica of the old Assembly Hall of Ayutthaya.

12:00 – Thai Buffet Lunch

13:00 – Visit to Wat Lokaya Sutha to see the largest reclining Buddha of Ayutthaya with 8 meters high and 42 meters long. The Buddha image was made of brick and covered with plaster.

14:30 – Onward to Wat Mahathat, a classic temple ruin of Ayutthaya and famous for the picturesque Buddha head engulfed by the Bodhi tree roots. The foundation size and the remaining prangs and towers attest the significance during its time.

15:00 – Depart from Ayutthaya back to Bangkok

16:30 – Arrive in Bangkok and start to transfer tour participants back to different hotels.

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