Dwarikas- Hotel-Kathmandu-Nepal

The Dwarika’s Hotel

The Dwarika’s Hotel


Built upon a rich tradition of Nepali hospitality and incorporating some of the country’s most exquisite architectural traditions, the Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu is an authentic experience of Nepal’s ancient cultural heritage.

 The hotel houses an extensive collection of artefacts from the 13th century onwards, and the buildings and courtyards house some of Nepal’s best craftsmanship – capturing the beauty and spirit of an ancient city. The amalgamation of Nepal’s heritage with its longstanding tradition of hospitality makes the Dwarika’s Kathmandu an intimate experience of a refined Nepali lifestyle. Located just a stone’s throw from the famous Pashupathinath temple and the Buddhist stupa at Bouddhanath and yet just a few minutes away from the airport, the Dwarika’s Kathmandu is an ideal base from which guests can explore Nepal’s infinite charms. The spacious rooms, elegant setting and Nepali warmth make it a luxurious retreat, and an experience to treasure.

Dwarikas- Hotel-Kathmandu-Nepal
Dwarikas- Hotel-Kathmandu-Nepal

The Dwarika’s Kathmandu  is a heritage hotel that takes its inspiration from the valley’s rich cultural heritage and is modeled upon the architectural grandeur of the palaces of the Newar Kings. The hotel houses an extensive collection of artifacts from the 14th century onwards and for its work in preserving the heritage of the Kathmandu Valley, it won the  PATA Heritage Award. This amalgamation of Nepal’s architectural history with its long standing tradition of hospitality makes the Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu a unique experience of a refined Nepali lifestyle.

Rooms at The Dwarika’s Hotel


Royal Suite -at-Dwarika's Hotel
Royal Suite -at-Dwarika’s Hotel

The Royal Suite takes its architectural inspiration from the private abodes of the Malla kings and is set magnificently over three floors and an area of 250 sq metres. With an open-air breakfast terrace attached to the spacious bedroom, the suite also has a separate living area and an entrance foyer. A wooden-floored deck overlooks a sumptuous lounge. On the private terrace you can indulge in a splendid view of the hotel’s courtyard as well as the towering white peaks of the Himalayas. One of the most enchanting aspects of the suite is its 50 sq metre bathroom, intricately designed with traditional architectural features



Spread over an expansive area with a luxurious open plan bathroom, the exquisite Executive Suites at Dwarika’s combine traditional style with modern convenience. With special amenities including a personal computer, the Executive Suites also offer spectacular views of the courtyard. A stay here will make you feel like you have your own private palace in ancient Kathmandu.



Each of the 40 luxurious Junior Suites is individually designed with local materials including pottery, slate and brass, as well as genuine antiques and artefacts. In the spirit of a Nepali home, each suite suite has a divan (day bed) for lounging and true relaxation. Every Junior Suite has its own personality, ensuring that each stay is a unique experience



Remaining true to the earthy quality of traditional life in the valley, the rooms capture the essence of such a lifestyle without compromising on comfort. The linen is organically produced and hand woven. The furniture is custom designed and handmade at our own workshop. Many of the rooms face the charming courtyard.

Dining at Dwarika’s Hotel

We offer a range of culinary experiences, and with three restaurants and a bar to choose from, there is something for everyone.


To spend an evening at Krishnarpan, the Nepali speciality restaurant at Dwarika’s, is to take a culinary journey through the fascinating terrains and cuisines of Nepal. Serving the finest Nepali of Nepali flavours, Krishnarpan is a slow dining experience reminiscent of the ritual feasts enjoyed by the Kathmandu Valley’s Newari community.

Meals range from six to twenty two courses and are prepared using the freshest vegetables from the Dwarika’s own farms. The courses are offered on traditional brass and earthenware, and served by hostesses representing Nepal’s diverse ethnic communities


The Japanese restaurant at Dwarika’s takes its name from its host, Mako-san. A keen interest in Buddhism first brought her to Nepal over three decades ago and since then, her heart has remained firmly here.

An intimate Japanese fine dining experience, Mako’s offers traditional Japanese food served in a warm and stylish setting. The minimalistic and Zen-like décor is inspired by Mako-san’s spirituality. Combined with 14th century Nepali architecture, the restaurant offers a unique setting that highlights the similitude between two civilisations.


The Dwarika’s Kathmandu has a selection of three restaurants and a bar that serve their own unique set of flavors and delicacies. Meals, from multi-cultural Nepali cuisines to its range of continental dishes and Japanese flavors, are prepared with freshly picked vegetables from the Dwarika’s own farm. 


The Pancha Kosha Himalayan Spa at the Dwarika’s Kathmandu is a sanctuary for healing and purification. It offers an experience modelled upon the ancient traditions of care and respect that have developed in the Himalayan region over several millennia. The name of the spa is derived from the wisdom of the Vedas that claims that our Atman or self is made up of five layers of being – the physical, the intellectual, emotional and the essence of the absolute. Combined, they offer an authentic experience of life.

The signature treatments at the Pancha Kosha Spa intend to provide a holistic experience that encapsulate all five layers and provide an experience of true bliss. All three treatments – Pancha Kosha Purification, Himalayan Sacred Stone Therapy, and Rudri-Subasna Snan – are unique to Nepal. Each of the signature treatments take over four hours to complete and come with their own set of rituals and pleasures.

Any treatment at the Pancha Kosha Spa is a journey into the self. The spa uses a rich diversity of natural herbs, oils and essences from throughout the Himalayan range, to give you an experience of complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Each treatment is carried out by a trained therapist, in an atmosphere of complete respect and trust.

The treatment rooms and suites are exclusively designed with Nepali antique pieces and motifs from the Terai region of Nepal. Suites come with their own private bath and steam facilities, and are designed for individuals and couples to enjoy the spa’s unique Himalayan spa treatments in privacy and comfort.

Please contact us for the best rate of The Dwarika’s Hotel at anil.blon@natrajtours.com.np 

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