Tented Camp Trekking in Nepal

Tented camp trekking in Nepal 

Camping trekking in Nepal is popular between trekkers few years ago but now a day’s its popularity decreasing rapidly because camping trekking is expensive then lodge to lodge or tea house trekking. Beside that villagers building lodges along the trekking routes, almost trekkers seeking easy, cheap, and comfortable trekking in Himalayas in this way organize camping trek changing into tea house basic. We organize camping trekking Nepal Himalayas, where there is tea house facility unavailable or for those clients who are interested in Camping treks in Nepal as well.

Tented camp trekking in Nepal
Tented camp trekking in Nepal

Still some destination camps there are tea house facilities not available are operating camping trekking. During trekking period kitchen equipments, sleeping tents, toilet tent, shower tent, staffs tents, dinning tents, dining table, chairs, mattress, foods, sleeping bags are arrange by the organizing company. Porters carry all necessities, camping equipment, and food items as well as a trekkers’ baggage. The trekkers as well as the staff will relax and sleep in the tents during the journey. Trekking staffs will prepare food for all members of the group. Base camp excursions deign all itineraries professionally to ensure a great trekking experience in the Himalayas, according to your level of fitness.



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