Barahi Jungle Lodge

Barahi Jungle Lodge – Best luxury Eco-Jungle Lodge of Chitwan

Barahi Jungle Lodge – Best luxury Eco-Jungle Lodge of Chitwan

Barahi Jungle Lodge - Luxury Eco-Jungle Lodge of Chitwan
Barahi Jungle Lodge – Luxury Eco-Jungle Lodge of Chitwan

Situated along the banks of the Rapti River and directly overlooking the Chitwan National Park, Barahi Jungle Lodge is the first eco-jungle lodge of Chitwan, a tourist district of Nepal for adventure, wildlife, spa and eco-tourism. This quiet retreat is nestled on 12.18 hectares of virgin land surrounded by pristine wilderness, where you will find different types of plants, flora and fauna native to the Chitwan district and the National Park.

Barahi Jungle Lodge insinuates the austerity of Chitwan National Park. Experiencing refined luxury in the panoramic savannahs punctuated by Rapti River as overlooked from Barahi’s vantage point is a parallel universe retreat. We take immense pride in strengthening the bond of nature and mankind through our itineraries. The ambient outlook and sort after interiors of the lodge give a stunning insight into the aboriginal Tharu culture of Nepal interlaced with wilderness of Chitwan. The river facing pool and deck add up to the up-class luxury created at Barahi Jungle Lodge.

Wake up with the chiming of birds in celebration, as crimson sun frees the mist enveloped Rapti and the sky as it begins to reflect clearly in its calm waters. Absorb the abundance of Chitwan, transverse into the light filtering forests minted by Chitwan anecdotes from our experienced naturalists – it all seems like a walk of life. Culinary indulgence at Turtle Deck and delectable liqueur served at our Tiger’s Den bar completes the soul delighting moment as you witness the moving magic of golden hue over the savannahs gushing with the breeze and creating a perfect panorama. The silent breeze and slow paced nature would brim you with joy and peace. Celebrating this magic of nature in definite luxury is a parallel universe experience offered at Barahi Jungle Lodge.

Select activities that we offer are bound to bring you steps closer to the nature. To stir the intrigue of our guests about wildlife and centuries old Nepalese culture, we have hand-picked the best of nurtured naturalists most of whom have grown with Chitwan. Experience elephant and jeep safaris with them, or unravel the kid in you for the sake of gentleness shown by giant elephants (adopted by Barahi), suspenseful village walks and surprising walks into the National Park would keep the adrenals rushing.
We promise refined luxury – a traditional rejuvenating spa, a world class pool and best of culinary experience complemented by our commitment for great hospitality.

Accommodation at Barahi Jungle

Accommodation at Barahi Jungle
Accommodation at Barahi Jungle

Standalone cottage that bears a whiff of austere Tharu Culture, our rooms speak ounces about our pledge to offer luxury in an eco-lodge-ical way! Each guest room features a décor with a blend of contemporary and traditional Nepali Furnishings, indigenous elements such as used wood, bamboo, elephant grass and animal arty-crafts.

Spreading over 12 hectares, the lodge offers 35 deluxe boutique guest rooms, built as individual and two-in-one private villas. The sedulous efforts of Tharu artisans can be closely felt in spacious rooms. Each room opens to a private balcony from which the shriveling canopies of Chitwan and waters of Rapti send a blissful aroma throughout the day.

In-room services and amenities
 Spacious bathroom with cubical shower room or bathtub
 Private balconies with panoramic views of the river and National Park
 Wildlife-inspired décor and artifacts
 Daily HK service
 Shaver outlet & adaptors
 Laundry service
 Individual climate controlled inverter air-conditioning & overhead fans
 32” LCD television with satellite connection

Dining of Barahi Jungle Lodge
Culinary experience at Barahi is itself -an indulgence. The Lodge provides a multi-cuisine culinary experience enhanced with organically grown healthy products. We serve continental, authentic Indo-Nepalese cuisines. We also welcome ala-carte choices. The unusually scrumptious taste of organic and assorted grains from home-grown fields and home-made achaar lingers on taste buds, longer than usual. At appropriate distance from the cottages and by the pool, our Tiger’s Den bar has been environed in a way that motley of nature can be felt much closer and deeper. A very well equipped bar that serves extreme selection of spirits- aperitif, wines and liqueurs. A classic collection of international white, red and sparkling wine to assure that you create and savor those moments during the stay.

The evenings are filled with lively performances which brings the forests alive. Colorfully dressed Tharu girls and boys exhibit their culture through dance and music performances forming a rhythm that you would not mind shaking a leg with them. We also offer juggling and flaming upon request.

How to reach Barahi Jungle Lodge
Bharatpur is the connecting link from and for all tourist points in Nepal. Barahi Jungle Lodge is situated at a distance of 32 kms from Bharatpur and we shall be obliged to assist you in your journey towards Barahi and the way back to next destination. You may reach us using the following routes:

By Helicopter/ Charter Service
Chartered helicopter to Barhai Jungle Lodge from any of the tourist stops can be arranged. It takes 37minutes, 17 minutes and 22 minutes from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini respectively to reach Barahi Jungle Lodge.

By Scheduled Flight
Fly from Kathmandu to Bharatpur Airport and drive 32 kms west towards Chitwan. The leading Buddha and Yeti Airlines have scheduled morning and afternoon flights till Bharatpur Domestic Airport. Proceeding towards the lodge by crossing the rustic roads of Tharu villages, you would observe a life much different than other tourist spots of Nepal. It takes approximately 80 minutes to reach the lodge. We shall pre book a pickup from the airport on prior request.

By Surface
By Surface: We shall be happy to assist you with a cab service from Bharatpur for pickup and drop.

The Activities at Barahi Jungle Lodge
Your Balcony view would instill a lust for Chitwan and the River Rapti. No wonder it is one of the oldest and most visited (yet preserved) National Park of the country. We want our guests to experience the magical Chitwan and its’ prolific flora and fauna of migratory birds especially. The Park has significant population of 4 among the Big 5 wild animals (Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Elephant, Leopards and Rhinos). Our offered activities are aligned to justify your stay and interest by maximizing experiences in terms of forests and cultural involvement.

Elephant Briefing
Barahi Jungle Lodge has four pampered and obedient elephants. Other than their massive size, the tremendously fairly attractive thing about elephants is its readiness to co-operate with man. We try to get you acquainted with these gentle giants by sharing relevant information, helping you feed and mount them using techniques of a Mahout. In the end, you may go for an Elephant Bathing Session.

Nature Walks
Early morning and evening nature walks into the Chitwan National Park, when our Naturalists proactively interpret the forests in the process of spotting the elusive Tigers and gigantic Rhinos for you. The peak game hours are selected, basis your comfort for a coveted experience. The giant woods and rambling creepers clinching the branches often drop a secret; our naturalists would help you decipher them in the most succinct way.

Canoeing at Barahi Jungle lodge 

Canoeing at Barahi Jungle lodge
Canoeing at Barahi Jungle lodge

There is no alternate experience to canoeing towards a confluence of three rivers for sundowner. Narayani, Rapti and Reu River merge to form Narayani River a few kilometers away from Barahi Jungle Lodge. As birds start their evening stint we sail quietly towards the setting sun. What you hear in the silence of the moment as ghariyals eye for prey and pelicans fly in the blue sky is- flapping of the canoe and ripples meeting the waves.

Elephant Safari – Barahi Jungle Lodge 

Elephant Safari - Barahi Jungle Lodge
Elephant Safari – Barahi Jungle Lodge

The forest gets friendlier when you ride on an elephant. Naturalists and you together try to spot maximum possible birds and animals in the dense of the Community Forest. The arrays of sky high Kapok trees will soothe you under its canopies, as gracefully as it shelters its wild.

Tharu Dance Cultural Show- Barahi Jungle Lodge 

Tharu Dance Cultural Show- Barahi Jungle Lodge
Tharu Dance Cultural Show- Barahi Jungle Lodge

Centuries old culture of ostensible survivors in Nepal, Tharu Dance is an eclectic way of expressing the significance of festivals, fields and a united community. The performers belong to Tharu tribe and have inherited these from their forefathers. The folk lore reveals their story with a pinch of salt that you must enjoy!

Bullock Cart Village Visit
Opt for a bullock cart ride to experience the life of locals in a village of Andrauli. This is a cultural trip emphasizing on the know-how of centuries old traditions and skills that simplify the life of Tharu people and how they have developed without disturbing the balance of nature and culture. Their methods of conservation are old but not redundant. Pollution free roads, ancestral homes and welcoming locals is what Nepal nestles!

Jeep Safari – Barahi Jungle Lodge 

Jeep Safari - Barahi Jungle Lodge
Jeep Safari – Barahi Jungle Lodge

Our Naturalist would drive you into the core area of Chitwan National Park. Crossing the savannahs and entering into the dense Chitwan, you would get fair chances to spot various birds and animals (can count on Rhinos) in their natural habitat. The forest is quiet and active, and we take care of necessary comfort during your hours of safari.

The Spa at Barahi Jungle Lodge
As you put your energies into the excursions our spa therapists take care of the mind body and soul balance. Our massage therapy range from a relieving Ayurvedic oil massage to Thai massage and incorporates all the techniques of traditional and modern massage systems. The products and essential oils used are all best quality organics.

Settling with the best of trained and experienced therapists from Nepal’s leading Spa centre we have recently started an in-house spa. We offer extensive choice of soul healing rejuvenating courses by emphasizing upon Ayurvedic treatments. The therapists have been trained to cater customized therapies that relieve strain and tiredness that may be caused from long walks and safaris. The large equipped spa overlooks forests through large picture windows.

3 single massage rooms and 2 separate wet sections for men and women.
1 couple massage room
Customized Treatments for excursions and Jungle fatigue

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