Nepal —Land of the Gods

Nepal —Land of the Gods

Nepal —Land of the Gods
Nepal —Land of the Gods

Nepal — Land of the Gods
Nepal is a land of enchantment with a unique blend of Hindu and Buddhist culture, breathtaking natural beauty and a spiritual mystique. The gods mingle in the sacred and the profane in this tiny Himalayan kingdom where everyday activities are governed by religious festivals and the gods. It is home to eight of the world’s highest mountain peaks including Chomolungma — Mother Goddess of the World — Mt. Everest.

Explore Nepal’s three ancient city-kingdoms of Patan, Bhaktipur and Kathmandu during your stay in Nepal. Explore the magnificent examples of Hindu and Buddhist architecture. Learn about the sacred art in Nepal’s living museums — its temples, monasteries, and shrines.

Experience the spectacular natural beauty of Nepal’s countryside immersed in Nepal’s rural life in the small towns and villages that you visit. Studying Tibetan Buddhism while living in a Buddhist monastery is another highlight of the program. Receive lectures from the abbot of the monastery who shares his many years of experience. Learn about Nepal’s remarkable ancient culture by living it.

By Anil Blon 
Natraj Trekking

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